Installing an extended magazine release


If you have any doubts in your ability to perform the following actions, stop immediately and seek assistance from a qualified gunsmith. If you need clarification on any of the steps below, please contact us to speak with a member of our support team.

Always wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) including adequate eye protection when servicing a firearm.

Parts needed:

  • Angstadt Arms 0940 lower receiver or complete UDP-9 firearm
  • Angstadt Arms 0940 extended magazine release
  • 3/32″ punch
1. Remove existing magazine release

Insert a 3/32″ punch from the top of the lower receiver and drive the 9/16″ roll pin down and out the bottom of the receiver. Hold the existing magazine release lever in place as it is under spring tension and will pop out as soon as the punch is removed.

2. Install roll pin
Insert the 9/16″ roll pin into the hole on the top of the lower receiver. Drive the pin down until it is just past flush with the lower receiver.

3. Reinstall magazine spring and release
Insert the magazine spring into the hole on the side of the receiver and press the magazine release into position. Align the release with the lower receiver and continue to drive the roll pin into the receiver until it spans both sides of the magazine release. VERY IMPORTANT: The roll pin must span both sides of the magazine release lever.

4. Check proper function
Test to ensure the magazine release is functioning properly.