How to Install an Extended Magazine Release

Installing an extended magazine release to your gun enhances comfort and facilitates quicker magazine changes by offering a larger, more accessible release mechanism, thereby streamlining reloading processes and improving shooting performance.

If you're looking to upgrade your Angstadt Arms 0940 lower receiver or UDP-9, you're in the right place!

You will need:

  1. Angstadt Arms 0940 lower receiver or complete UDP-9 firearm
  2. Angstadt Arms 0940 extended magazine release
  3. 3/32″ punch

Here are the steps for a successful installation:

1. Remove existing magazine release

Start by pushing a 3/32″ punch from the top of the lower receiver, driving the 9/16″ roll pin downward and out from the bottom. Ensure you securely hold the current magazine release lever as it's under some spring tension and is prone to springing out as soon as the punch is taken out.

2. Install roll pin

Proceed by inserting the 9/16″ roll pin into the opening at the top of the lower receiver. Drive this pin down until it is just beyond flush with the lower receiver.

3. Reinsert the magazine spring and release

Next, fit the magazine spring into the opening on the receiver's side and press the magazine release into its place. Make sure you align the release with the lower receiver, then continue to drive the roll pin into the receiver until it spans the magazine release on both sides. Please note that the roll pin must stretch across both sides of the magazine release lever for proper functioning.

4. Check proper functionality

Test to ensure the magazine release is functioning properly.

And there you have it! You've successfully installed your extended magazine release. Follow these steps anytime you need to upgrade or replace it.

As you head off to experience your improved tool, remember: safety first and, of course, happy shooting!

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