Buffer and Buffer Spring Compatibility

Buffer springs play a crucial role in firearm functionality, serving as a vital component in mitigating recoil and ensuring smooth cycling of the weapon. Not sure what buffer you should be using? Our guidelines are here to help ensure you have the proper buffer for your firearm!

9MM - You're best using either a 5.4oz 9mm buffer kit that includes a standard length 5.4oz buffer, AR-15 carbine-length buffer spring and buffer spacer, or a 6oz 9mm stainless steel buffer kit with an extended 6oz buffer and a polished stainless steel carbine spring. If your usage involves shooting suppressed or using hotter ammunition, an 8oz or 10oz buffer without a spacer could be beneficial.

For Law Tactical folding stock adapter users, we advise our 8oz heavy buffer kit to compensate for the weight difference due to the removed weight in the BCG.

40 S&W - We recommend using a 10oz extra heavy 9mm buffer kit which includes an extended length buffer and AR-15 carbine length buffer spring.

.45 ACP - We suggest a heavy buffer kit, which packs an 8oz extended length buffer and an AR-15 carbine-length buffer spring. When shooting suppressed or using hotter ammunition, our 10oz buffer kit could be a great option.

Buffer Springs - The spring buffer recommendation remains the same across all calibers: using a standard AR-15 carbine length buffer spring is always advised. Heavier springs may interfere with the bolt hold open timing and are generally not necessary. Be cautious not to use an overly heavy buffer or an overly powerful spring, as this could lead to the inoperability of the last round bolt hold open.

The buffer and spring you use greatly affect the reliability of your firearm. Therefore, by following our guidelines, you ensure your weaponry operates at optimal levels. Happy Shooting!

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