How to Adjust the UDP-9i Suppressor Ports

Curious about enhancing your UDP9i suppressor's performance? The key lies in the adjustment of its 15 distinct ports, ingeniously designed for bullet velocity fine-tuning. This feature enables you to decrease the speed of each round by as much as 125 feet per second from its peak velocity, thereby tailoring the shooting experience to meet your specific requirements!

Here are some guidelines for optimizing your adjustable port system:

  1. For shooting supersonic ammunition while seeking maximum sound reduction, open all ports to allow full system venting.
  2. When using subsonic ammunition and aiming to preserve maximum velocity and muzzle energy, close off all ports to prevent any venting.
  3. For preferences that fall between these two, adjust the ports using the set screws to fine-tune the velocity or muzzle energy to your specific requirements for each round.

Let's walk you through the steps on how to safely and efficiently manage your UDP-9i's suppressor ports:

  1. Begin by ensuring safety; remove the magazine and clear the chamber.
  2. Take off the socket head allen screws that attach the handguard to the mount, and place them in a safe location nearby.
  3. Carefully remove the handguard and set it aside.
  4. Unscrew the end cap from the end of the suppressor core, and set it aside as well.
  5. Rotate the outer tube 1/4- 1/2 rotation while sliding the tube over the core. Note: If cleaning intervals have not been maintained, the tube may require multiple rotations while sliding to remove it due to carbon buildup.
  6. Use the provided 3/32" T-Handle Hex wrench and thread in one of the provided 10-32 set screws until it is securely fit in the hole.
  7. Please do not over-tighten the screws as you risk stripping the thread in the barrel.
  8. For now, hand snug the set screws.
  9. Perform these seven steps in reverse order and test for your desired requirements.
  10. Once you've achieved the optimal setup, go back through the steps and use a Loctite compound or rockset to keep screws from backing out during prolonged use.
  11. Finally, test fire your firearm.

Understanding how to adjust your UDP-9i suppressor ports can truly enhance your shooting experience, bringing you flexibility and precision. It's all about ensuring the system works best for your specific needs, whether you're shooting supersonic ammo and want maximum sound reduction, or shooting subsonic ammo with the aim to maintain as much velocity and muzzle energy as possible.

Stay safe, shoot well, and remember - in the world of shooting, it's all about finding the perfect balance. Here's to hitting your targets!

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