MDP Release Information

The MDP-9. The subgun perfected for the modern age.

With the MDP-9™ you get ultra-concealability, a proven roller-delayed action, AR-15 platform compatibility and yes…it runs on Glock® 9mm magazines.

The patent pending roller-delayed action of the MDP-9™ significantly reduces the weight and recoil of the gun. Making it one of the softest shooting pistol caliber carbines on the market. And at just 14″ long and 3.6 lbs., it’s small enough to be carried comfortably on a sling or in a backpack.

The MDP-9™ runs on Glock® 9mm double stack magazines, has last round bolt hold open and an extended mag release. All of which makes magazine changes much faster than conventional subguns.

Currently all of the information we have is listed on the webpage: As we make new information public, we will be sharing it via our newsletter, social media channels and website.