Where do I put my FFL information?

Choosing the right FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer is a crucial step when purchasing firearms. This guide will help you understand how to provide FFL information during checkout and what to do if you haven't chosen an FFL yet.

Entering FFL Information During Checkout

  • Provide FFL Details: During the checkout process, enter the company name and address of your preferred FFL in the "Ship To" fields. This ensures your firearm is shipped to a licensed dealer.
  • Undecided on FFL: If you haven't decided on an FFL at the time of purchase, simply leave the "Ship To" fields as your billing address. This allows you to complete your order and decide on an FFL later.

Post-Checkout FFL Selection

  • Contact Us Later: After completing your purchase, you can contact us with the details of the FFL you would like to use. We will update your shipping information accordingly.

For any further questions or assistance, please reach out to our support team. Thank you for choosing us for your firearm needs!

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