How to Reinstall a Bolt Catch Actuator or Transfer Bar

The Bolt Catch Actuator or Transfer Bar plays a crucial part in reliably locking your bolt back after the last round is fired. Whether you're looking to replace it due to wear and tear, breakage, or you're simply looking to customize your gun, this guide has you covered!

Before we start, here's the list of parts you'll need:

Here are the steps:

  1. Begin by completely removing the upper receiver from your firearm.
  2. Insert a 3/32″ punch from the left side of the lower receiver and drive the 5 /16″ roll pin into and out of the receiver. This will allow you to remove the existing actuator.
  3. Place the 5/16″ roll pin into the hole on the left side of the lower receiver. Drive the pin until it slightly protrudes past the opening. Remember, don't fully install the pin at this point.
  4. Start by sliding the rear opening of the new actuator over the bolt catch. Subsequently, slide the front of the actuator over the roll pin you previously installed. Finish the 5/16" roll pin installation. It’s crucial to ensure that the roll pin spans both sides of the actuator.
  5. Point of caution! Always check your work. Verify that the newly installed actuator is functioning correctly.

Now that we’re done, you can now maximize the performance of your firearm with your newly reinstalled bolt catch actuator or transfer bar. Happy shooting!

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