Cleaning Bolt Catch Spring and Detent

In the world of firearms, precision and cleanliness are paramount. Just like any other machinery, guns require regular upkeep to function flawlessly. One of the common issues that gun owners face is the impairment of bolt catch spring or detent due to debris or fouling. This article offers a step-by-step guide on how to clean your bolt catch spring and detent effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Begin by reversing the steps for 'Installing a bolt catch' to effectively remove the bolt catch, detent, and spring.
  2. Use a punch or small file and run it inside the bolt catch detent hole. Alternatively, you can also use a small drill bit, twisting it by hand. This step aims to clean up residue left over from the anodizing process, which can make the spring stick.
  3. Perform this cleaning a couple of times, ensuring to tip the receiver over to remove all residue. You can also blow out debris from the hole using a can of compressed air.
  4. Make sure the spring is fully seated on the bolt catch detent. You might need to push it down on the detent as it doesn't always automatically slide on all the way.
  5. Check if the detent and spring move freely inside the bolt catch hole. They should move down and spring back up without binding in the hole.
  6. After completing the cleaning steps, reinstall the bolt catch.
  7. Test your firearm's functionality: insert an empty magazine and check if the bolt catch fully lifts up. If it does, reattach the upper receiver and manually charge the firearm with the empty magazine to see if it holds open. If that works, proceed to test fire the gun.
  8. If your bolt catch dowel pin is tricky to remove due to fouling, follow this additional process: Separate the lower and upper receiver, remove the bolt catch set screw, tilt the lower receiver with the front of the magazine well facing up, and jiggle the bolt catch while tapping the receiver with a soft mallet. If the pin doesn't slide out, use a can of compressed air and spray next to the bolt catch to help the pin slide out of the receiver.

Taking the time to clean your bolt catch spring and detent may seem like a minor task, but it plays a significant role in maintaining your firearm's functionality and longevity. Always remember - a clean gun is a reliable gun. Happy cleaning!

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