Handguards and Rails

Handguards and Rails provide protection for the barrel and attachment points for accessories like optics and grips. They ensure better control, customization, and functionality, enhancing the overall performance of the firearm for various applications such as home defense, competition, or tactical use.

Angstadt Arms upper receivers are designed to accept most AR-15 handguards and rail systems on the market currently. Some handguards that utilize anti-rotation tabs, or have extended portions that fit over the upper receiver may need modification or may not be compatible. It is essential to understand the various handguard and rail system options available and their compatibility with your firearm to ensure a proper fit.

One popular option on the market are free float handguards, which do not touch the barrel of the firearm and provide increased accuracy. Another option is keymod or M-LOK handguards, which allow for easy attachment of accessories without adding extra weight or bulk to the firearm. These are just a few examples of the diverse options available, and it is important to research and understand their features before making a decision.

In addition to compatibility with your firearm, it's also crucial to consider the handguard's length and diameter for your specific needs. Longer handguards can provide more space for accessories and a longer sight radius while shorter handguards can be more compact and lightweight. The diameter of the handguard can also affect ergonomics, as a larger diameter may be more comfortable for those with larger hands.

Overall, understanding the compatibility and options available for handguards and rail systems is essential for any firearm owner or enthusiast. Happy shooting!

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