How to Install a Angstadt Arms Blastwave

Enhancing your gun with a blast shield helps to redirect gasses and muzzle blast away from the your face and is also important on short-barreled rifles where the shooter is much closer to the muzzle. Not to mention, it looks cool!

This guide's going to walk you through the simple steps of installing and removing the Angstadt Arms Blastwave Blast Shield on a 9mm 3-lug device. First things first, make sure you've got a 9mm 3-lug device attached to your barrel before we dive in.

Parts you'll need:

Steps for installation:

  1. To start off, align the Blastwave end cap with the 3-lug device.
  2. From there, compress the spring by pulling the blast shield towards the rear of your gear.
  3. Proceed by turning the shield clockwise until you hear an audible click. The device should not be able to turn beyond this point - a clear sign that your device has been correctly attached.

Steps for removal:

A word of caution before proceeding - the blast shield can get extremely hot during live fire! It's crucial to wait until the firearm has cooled down sufficiently before attempting to remove the blast shield. Failure to do so can result in a serious burn.

  1. As with the installation, begin by compressing the spring. This is done by pulling the blast shield towards the rear.
  2. Next, turn the shield counter-clockwise until an audible click is heard. Again, the device should not turn beyond this point.
  3. Lastly, gently pull the device forward to safely detach it from the muzzle device.

That covers installation and removal of the Angstadt Arms Blastwave Blast Shield! Remember that safety should always come first - allow the device to cool down before removing it, and make sure it's securely attached before use.

Here's to precision in every shot and a blast of success with every use. Happy shooting!

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