Blastwave Fitment

The Blastwave is designed to work with many different 3-lug adapters available on the market however due to different designs and tolerances from different manufacturers we cannot guarantee the fitment of all devices. If you find your Blastwave dose not fit your 3rd party 3-lug muzzle device it is most likely due to oversized lugs. In our experience this can be easily corrected by knocking down the edges of the end cap of the Blastwave with a file.

Here you can see the Blastwave makes slight contact with the edge of the lugs.

Remove the Blastwave cap from the body. Note where the lugs are making contact.

Using a small flat and round file, remove small amounts and check fitment every few passes until the cap fits over the lugs.

Removing too much material can cause a loose fitment.